Monday, 4 June 2012

Islam and Mohammedism

Most of the people claiming to be Muslims are actually Mohammedans. Worshippers of Mohammed and should be identified as such.

Now there is a politically incorrect statement for you.

Anyone who actually reads the Qur'an will quickly became aware it is anti-Arab treatise, it challenges the basic presumptions of every aspect Arab and tribal culture. Mohammedans hate it and will do everything they can to avoid implementing its teachings.

It specifically states 'The Arabs are the people most unfitted to recieve the word God'

This posed a problem for the Arabs.

How do you follow the teachings of book that systematically attacks every element of your culture. The answer is in the Sunna and the Hadith.

The prophet and the Qur'an specifically prohibted the recording of anything of himself, either his words or his image.

The reason for this is clear. The creator of the Qur'an feared that the Arabs would prefer to worship the messenger, not the message.

She was right.

It's easy to distinquish between Mohammedans and Muslims. A simple yes or no question does it.

'If you read the Qur'an and followed it teachings, without any reference to the Sunna or Hadith would you be a Muslim'  - Yes or No.

Mohammedans will tell you its impossible to be a 'real' Muslim without the example of the prophet (Sunna) and his recorded sayings (Hadith) . The word of God is not good enough - he has to have a partner.  Never mind all the original believers never had a Sunna and the Hadith and were not permitted to be written down untill at least 100 years after the prophets death.

The Hadith, being prohibted by the Qur'an, were a mostly a selection of sayings that confirmed what Arabs wanted to believe. Even if they were the direct quotes of the prophet they would only be valid in the context of medieval Arabia.

The basic difficulty is that the prophet was a man and had the knowlege of man. If you try and run a religion on the basis that is out with the prophets experience you get into all sorts of difficulty.

The start of the holy month of Ramadan (according to Mohammedans) can only be calculated by direct observation of the phase of the moon. This is clearly impossible in area's where there is frequent cloud cover.

The creator of the Qur'an knew this of course, she also created the world and the sun and moon. But hey, 'What God got to do with it'.  For at least 100 years there has been stupid - and fantastic - debate amongst the Mohammedan community about whether the moon was there if you could not actually see it. Finally, a few years ago, its was grudingly accepted by the council of British Muslims that it was Ok to calculate where it was.

The Mohammendans are still working on the problem of fasting and the day lenght in high latitudes. Is it prohibted for Mohammedans to live above the arctic circle - apparently so.

The orignial believers had no record of what the prophet  did to guide them. They had only the Qur'an to lead them. This made Islam a remarkablly flexible and accomdating religion, different cultural groups would interpret the Qur'an in the context of their own culture. And so the various schools of Islamic law evolved.

The idea being that if the Qur'an didn't tell you exactly what you wanted to believe you were entitled to make up a Hadith to fix the problem came later.

Non believers have the idea that funny styles of dress Monhammedans wear  is something do with Islam. There's nothing in the Qur'an about how to dress other than than that men  women should be 'covered' .Its as vague as that.  Every community interpreted this in a different way depending on what there normal style of dress was.

The Qur'anic intention was of course that people in the arctic circle should dress in modest clothing appropriate to those conditions and people living in the Arabia should wear clothing appropriate to the desert.

Why would God want us to do otherwise? Of course that doesn't stop Mohammed worshiper wearing the abaya in Norway

It is explictly stated many times, that the Qur'an had a specific messenger for the Arabs and that message for the Arabs was intrinsically different from the message to other cultures. The Qur'an is a universal truth that adapts to different contexts. It's not a rigid set of rules.

Mohammendans don't see any irony in killing a non believer for drawing a picture or insulting Mohammed. They don't see that they are worshiping  Mohammed. They will deny emphatically that threatening to kill someone because they draw a picture of the prophet is idolatry. In fact its confirmation that they are are in fact idolators of the worst kind. They will kill you if you insult their idol.

The idea was that if you didn't have a picture of Mohammed you can't bow down and pray to the picture. The intention was to stop Muslims worshipping Mohammed. Non believers can draw pictures of Mohammed no worries - they aren't going to worship him.

It didn't work out that way. 

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