Monday, 4 June 2012

Thoughts on Feminism

I'm a great believer in feminism. I think intellectually and in character women are the equal to men. I often quote certain relatively unknown women such as Lydia Litvak, Hanna Reitsch and Wilhemina Fleming as examples of what women can achieve.

Equally though I believe women and are inherently different to men, both physically and emotionally. I believe that in the same way I believe people from different races are physically different.

Women can take higher G forces than men because they are smaller and uterus compressess. The German Air Force discovered this in WW II with the test pilot Hanna Reitsch. She could fly the rocket powered Me 163 when men could not (she won the Iron Cross first class after watching 7 men get killed or maimed in the attempt) .  They put her in centrifuge and discovered that small women (Hanna Reitsch was 5' 2'') have a distinct advantage of men in a high G turn. They are designed to be better fighter pilots - something the American male air force community had some difficulty with (but not apparently the Germans or the Russians). Women usually also have better hand eye coordination than men too and WW II women excellened in the combat role in the Russian armed forces as fighter pilots, snipers and tank gunners.

The doesn't mean they can run as fast and as far as men with an machine gun or be as good at assembling a heavy girder assault bridge. They do not have the physical strength.

If you want to know the reason why women are not as strong as men hold your arm out and compare it with a member of the opposite sex. A womens arm (and her knee and hip joints) are angled. The load is not directly through the joint. A mans runs in a straight line. Its to do with the hip joint being splayed for childbirth.

That's a physiological fact. Just like women have bumps on the front and other bits and pieces men don't have.

Incidentally a female corpse floats on its back and male corpse face down - hence the expression from WW II 'Its all gone tits up'.

So men and women are different - even when they are dead.

It's follows that I don't have much time for feminists who think and act as if they are a different kind of man. That's not a sexist thing - its just that I abhor a denial of the obvious. I'm sure girls don't find men in drag a turn on or sexually interesting, so why do feminists have such a thing about girls looking like, well girls.

Lydia Litvak, the WW II fighter ace who fought in the Battles of Stalingrad and Kursk used to fly into forward airfield, do victory roll after a successful kill then get out the aircraft, pull a bucket out of her cockpit and wash her hair with hot water from the radiator of her aircraft while the men gaped in amazement. Part of it was lack of hot water in the battle zone, but by all accounts she also liked guys to check her out.

If it was the modern day and age I'm  pretty sure she would not have been too embarrased about appearing half naked on FHM. She had the looks, she knew it (as did Klavia Fumicheva, commander of an all female bomber squadron) and she wasn't shy about letting men know,

She didn't have any concerns about her femininity. She knew she was the equal of any man where it mattered most of all - on the battlefield.

It seems to me that women who feel the need to dress like men, or at least 'asexually' to prove their 'equality' do their sisters a diservice.

Being equal to men isn't the same as being a man, or trying to look like a man.  Vive la differance!

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